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Abstract Algebra Dummit Foote Solutions Pdf Chapter 3 16 [CRACKED]

Instructor: Dr. Eyal Z. Goren.Time: MWF 8:35-9:25 Location: BURN 920.Syllabus (in the large):We shall cover part of Chapter 10 andmost of chapters 12, 13, 14 of Dummit and Foote.January: Introduction to modules.Modules over PID. Applications to linear transformations and finitelygeneratedabelian groups. Time permitting: Smith's normal form.February-April: Introduction tofiled theory. Algebraic and transcendental extensions; separable andinseparableextensions. Splitting fields and algebraic closure. Galois groups. Thefundamental theorem of Galois theory. Applications to solving equationsby radicals. Finite and cyclotomic fields. Time permitting:InfiniteGalois groups. The inverse Galois problem.Prerequisite:MATH 251, MATH 370 (or equivalent courseswith my permission. Students that haven't taken a course on vectorspacescan still enrol, given my permission, but are advised to catch up onthismaterial by reading Dummit and Foote Sections 11.1 - 11.4).Note: This course is normally takenby honours students, though I do not consider that a requisite. One cantherefore expect it to be exciting, inspiring but also challenging.Text Book:* Dummitand Foote/ Abstract Algebra(Third Edition), Wiley.Other texts (on reserve at Schulich):* M. Artin / Algebra.* S. Lang / Algebra.* N. Jacobson / Abstract algebra* I.Stewart / Galois TheoryEvaluation Method:* 20%Assignments (12 weekly, short assignments. Handed-out and submitted on Mondays.Submitall. You may work together on your assignment, but in the end each hasto write his or her own solutions; identical assignments will be markedas zero.)*25% Midterm (Tuesday,March9, 17:30 - 19:00 BURN 1120). The topics are General Theory ofModules,Modules over a PID and General Theory of Fields. The material includesthose parts of Chapters 10 and 12 covered in class, and sections 13.1 -13.4, 13.6 in Chapter 13 of Dummit and Foote. See detailed syllabusbelow.* 55% FinalExam (Tuesday, April 20, 14:00, MAASS 328) -- If final exam grade is betterthan midterm then midterm doesn't count. Assignment grades always count(even in deferred/supplamental).Office Hours: Wednesday,Friday 9:30-11:00. (Burnside Hall, 1108; 514-398-3815).

Abstract Algebra Dummit Foote Solutions Pdf Chapter 3 16

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