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[S2E9] Eggs

Sadie and her wife Melissa are visiting for dinner and share that they are pregnant and also that women lose 90% of their eggs by the time they hit 30. This gives Jess much anxiety while Cece is less concerned and they both take fertility tests. Meanwhile, Nick is committed to writing his novel Z is for Zombies and Schmidt learns he may need a little more in bed despite his self-proclaimed va-genius status.

[S2E9] Eggs


I'd like a show of hands: How many of you women out there finished last night's episode of New Girl absolutely terrified about the state of your ovaries? I've learned a lot of things from the two seasons of the hit FOX sitcom. I've learned that divorced parents will probably stay divorced, I've learned that beautiful blue eyes can make a career, and I've learned a significant amount about hair chutney. Last night's episode taught me that by the time I'm 30, 90% of my eggs will be gone. Like, gone gone. I've never really thought about my eggs before, even writing the phrase "my eggs" makes me feel a little ill, but after 22 minutes of televised fertilization panic I'm definitely thinking about my eggs now.

The 90% statistic comes from studies published in 2010 by both Edinburgh University and the University of St. Andrews. The studies indicate that women are born with roughly 300,000 eggs, but by the time a woman is 30 only 12% of those eggs remain. Now, I haven't done an extensive amount of research on the subject, but since everything ever shown on television is totally true, I'm going with 90% of eggs = gone.

In New Girl world this information prompted the characters Jess and Cece to go get their eggs counted. In the real world, I think this information will spark hundreds of hushed and mildly panicked conversations between twenty-something women over cocktails. Clustered conversations of egg countdowns.

Obviously, things are different now. We have electricity, 2.5 kids is the norm, and a woman having children well into her thirties, or even at 40, is a total reality (Brooke Shields you are an inspiration.) We can freeze eggs, procreate in petri dishes, and use surrogates, sperm donors, and whatever other combination you can imagine. But bottom line is, having kids is still a numbers game, and quite frankly, that's terrifying.

Reviews of each individual episode of Star Wars The Bad Batch Season 2. Each article breaks down a single episode and analyses its story, digs for secrets and easter eggs and explains how the events of the episode and scenes featured in it relate to and reference the rest of the Star Wars franchise!

This week in "Hodge/Kolpin," a backwoods, hunting mom whose motto is "Kill it and grill it" swaps places with an animal activist mother who eats only raw food and has a vegan pet cat, on ABC's "Wife Swap"-- the critically-acclaimed unscripted reality show that takes us into the intimate heart of the American family home, revealing the extraordinarily different ways families live their lives.Bobbie Hodge (33) and her husband, Ricky (38), live in the Kentucky woods and proudly refer to themselves as "conservative rednecks." The Hodges and their two sons, Cody (12) and Austin (10) inhabit a "trouse" - a combination trailer and house -- and are avid hunters. Their small, cluttered home is decorated with animal heads mounted on the walls. The family eats more food that they've shot -- including venison and squirrel -- than food that they've bought. When they do go to the grocery store, they shun fruits and vegetables in favor of sugary snacks and junk food. Bobbie is a stay-at-home mom, and Ricky is a factory worker. The two were high school sweethearts and maintain a traditional relationship -- she does all the cooking, cleaning and childcare, while he provides for the family, does taxidermy and rules the roost. Both parents have difficulty disciplining their unruly boys, who constantly fight with each other and misbehave. The exasperated parents have labeled Cody "the wild child," but are proud of raising their children "right."Bobbie travels to the Arizona desert home of free-spirited Jackie Kolpin (50) and her husband, Harold (53). The liberal Kolpins strive to live a simple life with their 18-year-old daughter, Morgan. Their sparse cinderblock house contains almost no furniture, as Mom prefers not to spend money on material possessions she thinks they don't need - including beds. The Kolpins are vegans who don't eat meat, dairy, eggs or fish. In fact their pet cat, "Tiger," is also a vegan and isn't served meat. Additionally Jackie and Morgan are "raw foodists" who refuse to eat any cooked food because they believe it's unhealthful. Jackie even had the kitchen stove removed two years ago without consulting timid Harold, leaving him secretly yearning for pizza and roast chicken. What's more Jackie is an avid "sun gazer," staring at the sun twice a day for 8-10 minutes at a time. She believes the practice suppresses her appetite, allowing her to consume fewer of the earth's resources. Both Jackie and daughter Morgan are committed animal rights activists who regularly take part in protests. Jackie does little housekeeping, is not employed, and spends her day daydreaming about things she could do one day to improve the world. In the meantime, she nags Harold about the long hours he works as a supermarket manager, and excludes him from major household decisions. Though Harold would like to have a stove and a bed, he is dismissed by Jackie, who rules the cinder-block roost.In the first week of the swap, Bobbie craves meat and balks at having to participate in an animal rights protest, while Jackie refuses to eat meat and clashes with Ricky over hunting. In week two of the swap, when the wives change the rules and turn the tables, Bobbie performs a taste test for the Kolpins' vegan cat to see if he prefers meat or vegetables and has a pig roast in the family's front yard, while Jackie bans meat and cooking in the Hodge house, then calms down the rowdy Kolpin boys with their first taste of yoga. At the end of the swap, when the couples are reunited, will they find common ground, or are their differences too great to overcome? 041b061a72

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