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CPK File Maker: A Guide to Creating and Optimizing CPK Files for CRIWARE Games

Before you can install DLC to PES19 you will need to create a DLC file. There are two methods of doing this although both rely on the same files. The first method is with the use of CRI Packed File Maker and the other method is with the use of batch (.bat) files, although this uses the files of the CRI Packed File Maker.

Cri Packed File Maker

You will have to download CRI Packed File Maker (CPFM) which is used to make the .cpk files PES19 uses to store its data. After downloading it (see Tools) you can unpack it anywhere, there is no need to install anything, and then start CriPackedFileMaker.exe. If done correctly you'll get something like the following window:If for some reason the folder you want to turn into DLC is filled with random files you do not want in it, for example thumbs.db, you can edit the excluded files with the button Edit Excluded Files at the bottom left. Show CPK file info is not relevant for this page, but you can check some details of .cpk files you have loaded with CPFM.

To load and check the contents of a .cpk file, use the middle button of the three smaller buttons at the top or just drag the .cpk file into the window. When it is properly loaded you can extract the contents from it with the right button of the three smaller ones at the top. However, when you have everything extracted, keep in mind that some files might still be zlibbed (compression method used by Konami). For more information on zlib please read Pro Evolution Soccer 2016/zlib.

When you want to make a DLC file, press the left button of the three smaller ones at the top to select a folder to load into CPFM. Keep in mind that for a DLC file to work properly the folder structure needs to be correct. This is where Jenkey's File Explorer (JFE) comes in handy (see Tools). For example if you want to install a custom adboard for your stadium, you can open dt30.cpk with JFE (keep in mind some .cpk files can take a long time to load) and navigate to the stadium adboard you want to replace. When you find the correct adboard, recreate the entire tree of folders somewhere in a new folder and put (in this case) at the end. So:Will become:

Now select the folder New DLC with CPFM and make sure common becomes the root folder in the new DLC. If done correctly CPFM will look something like this:In this case we have just a single file, but obviously you can add as many more as you like to a single DLC.Now we can start to build our .cpk file. Do this by pressing the Build CPK File button at the bottom right and a new window should open. In this window you can set the path (or browse to with the ... button) where you want the .cpk file to be saved. PES19 saves its DLC in the download folder in your main PES19 folder. For this example we'll call the file 4cc_test.cpk. Now we can set the correct settings for the .cpk file, this is very important because there is only one combination of settings which makes the DLC work in PES19, these are:After this you can build the .cpk file by pressing Start to Build and press Complete when it's done. Now you only have to edit the DLC file list to make it work in PES19. (See next section)

Like faces, general .cpk files can also be made with the use of batch files. An archive can be downloaded below in Tools that contains all the necessary files and a(n example) batch file. Don't mind the fact that it says PES15, the format hasn't changed since then and the batch file still works perfectly fine. All you have to do is put all the files into the correct locations in the 4cc_test folder. To have this batch file work it has to be in the same folder as cpkmakec.exe and CpkMaker.dll. Now before you can run the batch file you will have to edit the location of the PES19 download folder. Just right-click the batch file and select edit. Now change the location in the second line (the one that starts with 'copy') to the location of the download folder of your PES19 installation. After that save it and you can run your .bat file. If done correctly the .cpk file should now be in your PES19's download folder. Compared to CRI GUI, batch files can be up to 100 times faster with 0% chance at corrupting your .cpk files. If you want to change the source folder or CPK name change the 1st and 3rd lines of the .bat to the source folder and CPK name you want. By default 4cc_test is the source folder and 4cc_test.cpk is the CPK file.

To install DLC you need to make sure the .cpk file you want in PES19 is in the download folder, for PES19 this is in the main PES19 folder. For this section we will use the 4cc_test.cpk of the previous section.

Open DpFileList.bin with any hex editor you like. For more information on hex editing, please read Working with a hex editor. When opened it will look something like this:This DpFileList has the default 4cc DLC plus two test CPKs at the very bottom. Each new DLC you want to add will need a new entry in this file, in this example 4cc_80_test.cpk and 4cc_81_test2.cpk. Just looking at the image above should you give an idea on how each new DLC is added to this file/game. However there are some important values/hexes in this file that will be explained.

Keep in mind that the lower the DLC is in the list, the higher the priority. So if for example the file is in both 4cc_40_faces.cpk and 4cc_60_midcup0.cpk, the game will load the in 4cc_60_midcup0.cpk.

Also, if PES fails to find a file, it will skip loading any further DLC packages. So if the file 4cc_30_stadiums.cpk wasn't placed in the download folder in the example above, PES would not load 4cc_33_stadiums2.cpk or any DLC that comes after.

The list to the left has all the .cpk files found in the download folder. The list to the right has all the .cpk files that are checked in the left list and thus will be registered in the to-be generated DpFileList.bin. The lower the file in the list to the right, the higher the priority. Now add your own DLCs to the bottom of the list, make sure the DLC at the top drop-down is set to 4cc, and then just hit Generate DpFileList.bin. You can now go ingame and test your new DLC.

Keep in mind that if you want to replace or update a file that is already in the game, always check the latest DLC on the PES19 page first for the newest version of it. This is very important when editing certain files, for example stadium and team names .bin files.

Log file generated by Driver Test Manager (DTM), a component of Microsoft's Windows Logo Kit (WLK) device certification software; contains a testing report, which logs information about a hardware device; used for submitting test results to Microsoft so that a device may be certified for Windows; also used for debugging failed tests.

The Sega CD and Sega Saturn video game consoles both played games stored on CD-ROMs. These games used video files saved using Sega's proprietary FILM video format. FILM files were saved with a variety of extensions, including .FILM_CPK, .cpk, .film, and .CAK.

Because CPK files are so uncommon, most popular media players cannot play them. However, you can play CPK files in VLC media player, and you can convert CAK files to a more usable video format using FFmpeg.

The team has independently researched all file formats and software programs listed on this page. Our goal is 100% accuracy and we only publish information about file types that we have verified.

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