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Dallas And Sasha Wedgie War Full REPACK

The two get even more heated! They quickly face off and strip each other down to their bra and panties! Lora stops holding back and goes for a full lift of Sasha by her underwear using gravity to give Sasha the hardest wedgie of her life!

Dallas And Sasha Wedgie War Full

As told in the Qwark vid-comic series, Qwark defeated the robotic pirate ghosts led by Captain Blackstar, for which he received a sizable sum of bolts, donated to the Qwark for Tots Scholarship Fund.[13] After this, he traveled to Blackwater City, where (depending on the source) he either coordinated the city's defenses from the women's restroom at Galaxy Burger,[14] or singlehandedly defeated Nefarious' army of amoeboids, before following Nefarious back to a base on planet Magmos.[15] There, Qwark unsuccessfully tried to sneak into the base,[16] but he was able to confront and defeat Nefarious, whom he recognized as his former classmate. He attempted to give Nefarious a wedgie for old time's sake, but he accidentally knocked him down into the machinery that would transform Nefarious into a robot.[6]

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