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RFS Real Flight Simulator: How to Download and Customize Your Livery

Search for real flights and fly them.Zoom in or out by pinching the map.Search for an aircraft using the search bar by entering the aircraft type or flight ID. Click on any aircraft on the map to display the flight information.

rfs real flight simulator livery download

It's actually a va airline based on real flight simulator mobile(rfs) made by rortos. Just made a concept to apply this fictional livery for the a330neo. Actually we have a330, but not this livery for the ceo aircrafts. That's different. If you own rfs mobile game you'll know my va Airlines current a330.

RFS Real Flight Simulator Mod Apk realistically restores various aviation industry details. Players start by selecting an aircraft, and then load up the items the aircraft will carry before takeoff, including fuel, cargo, food, and more. Of course, the plane still has to wait for the arrival of the passengers. When you control the plane to take off, adjust the direction of your flight according to the navigation system on the plane, and fly towards the route simulated by the system. You'll also need to operate the instrument panels in the cockpit of an airplane, and doing it yourself will deepen your understanding of airplanes and the aviation industry.

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