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A Guide to Downloading Mistakenly Meant For You PDF for Free and Legally

Mistakenly Meant For You: A Wattpad Romance Novel

Do you love reading romance novels with a touch of humor, drama and suspense? If yes, then you might want to check out Mistakenly Meant For You, a popular Wattpad story by pajama_addict that has been published by Bookware and adapted into a mini TV series. In this article, we will tell you what this novel is about, why you should read it, and how you can download it as a PDF file.

mistakenly meant for you wattpad pdf download


What is Mistakenly Meant For You about?

Mistakenly Meant For You is a story of two young people who find themselves in a complicated situation because of a glass of water. Yes, you read that right. A glass of water changed their lives forever.

The plot summary

The story follows Irina Ysobel Samonte, or Ice, a smart, rich and independent girl who has everything planned out for her future. She wants to study law and travel around the world. However, fate has a different plan for her when she accidentally spills a glass of water on Fire Zamora, a handsome, athletic and loyal boy who happens to be her classmate.

Fire is not just any boy. He is the son of a famous actor and a model, and he has a secret admirer who sends him love letters every day. The problem is, he doesn't know who she is. He only knows her codename: Water.

When Ice spills water on Fire, he thinks she is his mysterious Water. He confronts her and asks her to reveal her identity. Ice denies being Water, but Fire doesn't believe her. He insists that she is his Water and that they are meant for each other.

Ice tries to avoid Fire, but he doesn't give up. He follows her everywhere, annoys her with his cheesy lines, and tries to win her heart. Ice finds him irritating, but also intriguing. She starts to feel something for him, but she doesn't want to admit it.

Will Ice and Fire ever find out the truth about Water? Will they fall in love or hate each other? Will they overcome the obstacles and challenges that come their way? You have to read the novel to find out.

The main characters

The novel has two main characters: Ice and Fire. Here are some brief descriptions of them:

  • Ice: She is the female protagonist of the story. She is 16 years old and a senior high school student. She is smart, confident, adventurous and independent. She likes to plan everything ahead and doesn't like surprises. She has a close group of friends who support her. She is not interested in romance or boys, until she meets Fire.

  • Fire: He is the male protagonist of the story. He is also 16 years old and a senior high school student. He is handsome, athletic, charming and loyal. He is the son of a famous actor and a model, but he doesn't like the spotlight. He prefers to live a simple and normal life. He has a secret admirer who sends him love letters every day, but he doesn't know who she is. He thinks Ice is his Water and falls in love with her.

There are also other characters in the story, such as Ice's and Fire's friends, families, enemies and rivals. They all play important roles in the development of the plot and the relationship of the main couple.

Why should you read Mistakenly Meant For You?

If you are looking for a romance novel that will make you laugh, cry, swoon and gasp, then Mistakenly Meant For You is the one for you. Here are some reasons why you should read it:

The romance and humor

The novel is full of romantic and funny moments between Ice and Fire. Their interactions are hilarious, cute and sweet. You will enjoy reading how they bicker, tease, flirt and care for each other. You will also love how they express their feelings and emotions through words and actions. The novel will make you feel butterflies in your stomach and smile on your face.

The twists and turns

The novel is not just a simple love story. It also has some twists and turns that will keep you hooked and surprised. The novel will make you wonder who is the real Water, what is her motive, and how will she affect Ice and Fire's relationship. The novel will also make you curious about the secrets and mysteries that surround the characters and their families. The novel will make you eager to know what will happen next and how will it end.

The positive reviews

The novel has received a lot of positive reviews from readers and critics alike. It has over 7 million reads and 31 thousand votes on Wattpad. It has also been published by Bookware, a leading publisher of romance novels in the Philippines. It has also been adapted into a mini TV series by Wattpad Presents, a program that showcases Wattpad stories on TV. The novel has been praised for its originality, creativity, humor, romance, suspense and message. The novel has been described as "a must-read", "a masterpiece", "a roller coaster ride" and "a breath of fresh air".

How can you download Mistakenly Meant For You as a PDF file?

If you want to read Mistakenly Meant For You offline or on your device, you might want to download it as a PDF file. There are several ways to do that, but here are some of the most common ones:

The official publication by Bookware

The easiest and most legal way to download Mistakenly Meant For You as a PDF file is to buy the official publication by Bookware. You can order it online from their website or from other online stores like Lazada or Shopee. You can also find it in bookstores like National Bookstore or Fully Booked. The official publication costs around 200 pesos (around 4 US dollars) and it includes the complete story plus some bonus chapters and illustrations. Once you buy the book, you can scan it or convert it into a PDF file using an app or a software.

The online platforms like Scribd and Starspie

Another way to download Mistakenly Meant For You as a PDF file is to use online platforms like Scribd or Starspie. These platforms allow users to upload, share and download various types of documents, including books, articles, magazines and more. You can find Mistakenly Meant For You on these platforms by searching for its title or author. However, you might need to create an account or pay a subscription fee to access or download the files. You might also encounter some issues with the quality or legality of the files.

The precautions and tips

Before you download Mistakenly Meant For You as a PDF file, you should take some precautions and follow some tips to avoid any problems or risks. Here are some of them:

  • Make sure you have enough storage space on your device or computer.

  • Make sure you have a reliable internet connection.

  • Make sure you have a good antivirus or malware protection software.

  • Make sure you respect the author's rights and do not distribute or sell the files without permission.

  • Make sure you support the author by buying the official publication or watching the TV adaptation if possible.

  • Make sure you enjoy reading the novel and share your feedback with the author and other readers.


Mistakenly Meant For You is a Wattpad romance novel by pajama 71b2f0854b

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