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Play Star Station !NEW!

The Tim Mee Toy Star Attack Battle Station is ready for action. This huge playset is scaled for 3-3/4 inch action figures (1:18th scale) and is proudly made in the United States. Packed with features to maximize the fun.

play star station


The station features a large 9 inch by 4.75 inch main entrance door, 3 photon cannon, targeting station with seat that swivels, 6 pivoting lasers, 2 detachable towers, 2 guard posts, a laser wall that can be raised and lowered, computer room door, jail and trap doors. The set also includes extra figures accessories: 4 swords, 4 communicators, 2 backpacks, 2 boomerangs, 4 laser blasters, and 5 extra photon torpedoes. The station measures 38.5 inches across,13 inches tall and 14 inches deep and made from silver gray color HDPE plastic. The guns and accessories are made from black HDPE plastic.

This giant action figure scale playset was produced by PROCESSED PLASTIC COMPANY (Tim Mee's parent company) around the late 1990's for a very short period of time. It was offered in Big Box and Toy Stores as a generic playset compatible with Star Wars, GI Joe, Batman and other 3-3/4 inch action figures. This reissue features updated colors and the missile launchers are now non-firing to meet current safety standards..

Eventually, the player is given access to the Station Transponder, which allows the player to place their own Station in orbit around a Star, and from there the Station can be expanded and redecorated to the player's liking.

NPC stations are friendly environments populated by NPCs of all player-races. They are a valuable source of new decor items to scan and storage devices to loot (which may include unique decor items), plus they offer unique features for the player.

These stations fall under one of four different types: food supply, medical, electronic, and weapon stations. Each station has a vendor waiting near a lit sign, selling station-appropriate trade goods and buying one of the other three types. The vendors buy goods at a higher rate then what they sell, giving the player the opportunity to make some quick Pixels by buying and selling goods across different stations.

Red-armored vendors in NPC stations offer the "Your Very Own Space Station" Quest. By meeting their trade requirements, they hand over a Station Transponder, which allows the player to summon an expandable space station into the star system of their choice.

When using the station transponder in a star system, a dialog prompts the player to choose their new station's orbital path. This orbit must be clear of obstacles and cannot be too close to a planet or Asteroid Field. Once a stable orbit has been chosen, the new station is summoned and will arrive in moments. Closing the Transponder screen before the station has successfully arrived will cancel the deployment.

Each new player station starts with a single room, with a mech bay on the left side, and Expansion Slots on the top, right, and bottom hulls. The lower area contains a teleporter, Space Station Console and an Industrial Storage Locker.

The background walls can be removed and replaced with the Matter Manipulator. As with the player's ship, the outer hull walls and pre-set devices cannot be altered in this fashion (not within normal gameplay means, see below).

There is no "normal" in-game method of changing your space station's outer hull via the Matter Manipulator, as you would most other builds. However, by using admin mode commands, you can turn off the protections of a space station and alter its blocks, allowing you to shape the station any way you wish.

Early in Starbound's development, the Space Station was effectively the player's Ship, an upgradeable structure that the player would populate with crew and creatures to train. The Station was a large area, with room for many players to congregate. PvP was announced disabled on Space Stations, making them 'safe zones'.

Tiy originally released a few screenshots of him exploring the Space Station, hinting that it may be added to the game as a future feature. He suggested it would unlock far into game-play for guilds or clans, and allow them to have a "guild hall" type common area.[1]

On the opposite side of the circular area is another Protocol droid console, which requires the password gained from the one at the start. Use C-3PO to unlock the door and gain entry to the dining room. On the table will be your first Minikit.

Aaron Eckhart, best known for playing President Benjamin Asher in "Olympus Has Fallen" and "London Has Fallen" and district attorney Harvey Dent in "The Dark Knight," is set to star as a cargo pilot who flies rogue missions for the CIA in "Midair."

Eckhart most recently played an actual CIA agent in "Chief of Station," a spy thriller produced by Bee Holder and Concourse, which are also behind "Midair." Eckhart replaced Alec Baldwin at the last minute on that movie and producer Steve Jones of Bee Holder said in the release that "working with Aaron on 'Chief of Station' was simply a producer's dream. He is focused like a laser, does his own stunts, noble like the lead character in 'Midair' and he brings it every day from dusk till thrilled to be working with him again."

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Onaodowan will play the titular Demascus, a 33-year-old Black man who undergoes a journey of self-discovery by diving into the world of digital psychiatry and using an innovative new technology that allows him to experience different versions of his own life.

Onaodowan got his big break on Broadway, starring in productions such as Rocky the Musical, Cyrano de Bergerac, and American Idiot. In addition, he originated the roles of James Madison and Hercules Mulligan in the Tony Award-winning musical Hamilton and won a Grammy Award as part of the cast album of the Lin-Manuel Miranda production.

Last Marx toys playset I bought before they went out of business. The quality control was bad, I was missing some of the wheels for the Prime Mover and the quad antenna was damaged. I still got the stuff that came inside, except maybe the playmat. The box died of old age.

Two years after the outbreak of the virus, a lone Kirsten comes across a composer named Sarah who leads and performs for the Travelling Symphony, a nomadic group of actors and musicians who perform William Shakespeare plays on a defined tour path called the "Wheel"; Sarah invites Kirsten to join. Kirsten grows up to become the Symphony's star actress. Arriving at Lake Michigan, Kirsten and fellow actor Alex, who was born after the pandemic, meet a suspicious man, David, and supposedly his teenage son Cody. They lie about their origins and David quotes Station Eleven, which Kirsten believes only she has read due to her having the only copy. Kirsten also finds hook-shaped symbols in the woods that reference Station Eleven's illustrations, and becomes wary; Alex, however, sympathizes with the two. The Symphony puts on Hamlet, during which Kirsten flashes back to the outset of the virus, when she, Jeevan, and Frank learn her parents are deceased via text message. After the play, an emissary from a secret community called the Museum of Civilization approaches Sarah to perform there, but she refuses to stray from the Wheel. Kirsten confronts David about the book, and after he threatens that the Symphony members will "disappear" if they don't give him refuge, she stabs him; he goes on to reference a prophecy and further quotes from Station Eleven. The next morning, Kirsten finds that Cody has taken David and fled, the latter having survived and painted the hook symbol with his blood.

One year after the pandemic sets in, Jeevan and Kirsten are living alone in a cabin. One day, Station Eleven goes missing, resulting in an argument between the two. Jeevan eventually leaves to go find it, but Kirsten finds it outside the next morning and Jeevan nowhere to be found. In the present, Kirsten warns Alex to be wary of outsiders such as David, but Alex rebuffs her and claims that anyone born before the pandemic is unnecessarily cautious. After again rebuffing the man from the Museum of Civilization, the Symphony comes upon a fork in the road. The Symphony used to split the group between musicians and actors to travel to a performance town and a country club called Pingtree respectively, but stopped the practice when Sarah's ex-husband and the Symphony's former director, Gil, settled down with his new wife in Pingtree; they now run a community of professors. While preparing to head to the performance town, Alex finds a note that reads "beware of the Prophet" (David), who runs a cult of children by preying on their naivete to claim there was never a pandemic and abducting them from various towns. Alex shows this to Kirsten, who reveals she hid Station Eleven in Pingtree. In order to check in on the book, Kirsten tricks Sarah into splitting the Symphony to visit Pingtree. When they arrive, they discover the Prophet has already taken all the children of their community. In order to alleviate the professors' pain, Sarah decides to perform a modern adaptation of Hamlet for them, with Alex in her first leading role. While the Symphony rehearses, Kirsten recovers Station Eleven, which she had hidden in Gil's office. Meeting with Gil, Kirsten requests he rejoin the Symphony, but he refuses. The play is a success, but Alex leaves on horseback after a fight with Kirsten, which mirrors the fight Kirsten had with Jeevan. As Kirsten prepares to look for her, she encounters one of the children, who is wearing a mine that Gil set after the Prophet's attack as an explosive belt. Kirsten chases the child, but she rendezvouses with another child that is meeting with Gil. While quoting Station Eleven, the two children hug Gil, setting off the mines and killing all three of them, though Kirsten survives the blast.

Kirsten and The Prophet continue on their way to Severn City Airport, where the rest of the Travelling Symphony are being held in quarantine prior to their performance. After Miles finds the duo out in the woods, Clark welcomes Kirsten and The Prophet to the airport community, but has them perform a scene from a play to prove they are actors. The duo improvise a sequence from Station Eleven. Afterwards, Kirsten reunites with the Travelling Symphony, but is devastated to learn Sarah has suffered a heart attack and no one has seen her since. Kirsten discovers the Prophet's connection to the Museum of Civilization and the Station Eleven graphic novel. The Prophet is reunited with Clark and Elizabeth, but refuses to acknowledge them as he sets fire to the Museum of Civilization. Sarah makes Kirsten promise to not tell the troupe of her death until after the play. Prior to the outbreak, Arthur takes the sober Clark on a bender. They fight over their divergent paths in life, Clark having failed at acting and turned to business, and over Miranda. The next morning, Clark insults Arthur's parenting before realizing Tyler and Elizabeth were there. 041b061a72

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