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In his first years in Paris, Mesmer tried and failed to get either the Royal Academy of Sciences or the Royal Society of Medicine to provide official approval for his doctrines. He found only one physician of high professional and social standing, Charles d'Eslon, to become a disciple. In 1779, with d'Eslon's encouragement, Mesmer wrote an 88-page book, Mémoire sur la découverte du magnétisme animal, to which he appended his famous 27 Propositions. These propositions outlined his theory at that time. Some contemporary scholars equate Mesmer's animal magnetism with the Qi (chi) of Traditional Chinese Medicine and mesmerism with medical Qigong practices.[10][11]

mesmer magnetismo animal pdf download

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No final do século 18, uma descoberta espetacular provocou verdadeira revolução na medicina: o magnetismo animal. Sua descoberta foi estudada por Allan Kardec durante 35 anos, influenciando o espiritismo sob o aspecto científico.

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